West Vancouver Mansion

Longest Aquarium in Canada
  • Aquarium Size: 27’L x 3’W x 6’T (3,500 gallons)
  • Aquarium Type: Saltwater Artificial Coral

If you want the WOW factor, this tank is sure to take anyones breathe away! When the owner of this home wanted to make his basement more interesting, he decided that only the longest privately owned aquarium in Canada would do. This tank measures in at a whopping 27 feet long! We designed and had all the coral manufactured for unique design that makes it feel like you are swimming through a reef.

The 3,500 gallon saltwater aquarium is now home to over 300 fish, consisting of over 40 species!

Getting this aquarium into the basement was quite a task, with steep hillside angels and tight space, it required a lot of skilled crane work and a devoted team. Check out the photos and videos of this epic task. You feel very small standing in front of this 6 foot tall aquarium, that could outshine most public aquariums.

West Vancouver Mansion 02
West Vancouver Mansion 03
West Vancouver Mansion 01
West Vancouver Mansion 04
West Vancouver Mansion 05


Located in Vancouver, Canada
Available for Custom Installations World-wide.