Shaughnessy Mansion

Jewel Box Aquarium
  • Aquarium Size: 60”L x 16”W x 42”T (175 gallons)
  • Aquarium Type: Saltwater Artificial Coral

For this aquarium the goal was to create an intimate and attractive centrepiece for the living room of this 19th Century Mansion. Using artificial coral which we specifically designed as a room divider, we managed to give a solid divide, yet still keep and airy feel to the room.

We had limited space for the tank and the filtration, so we plumbed the tanks filtration into the basement to give the maximum area for the Aquarium.
It may be one of the smallest aquariums we have done, but the impact is huge! 

Snaughnessy Mansion 01
Snaughnessy Mansion 03
Snaughnessy Mansion 02


Located in Vancouver, Canada
Available for Custom Installations World-wide.