Point Grey Residence

Angled Reef Aquarium
  • Aquarium Size: 108”L x 24”W x 30”T (290 gallons)
  • Aquarium Type: Saltwater Reef Tank

This aquarium we built for a young family who wanted to have something besides a TV as the centrepiece of their living room.  While undergoing a full renovation on the house, the contacted us and we began the design process.  

After a couple meetings we came up with the angled design to maximize the area of the tank without it overpowering the room.
We plumbed all the filtration into the crawl space below the house to make sure there was no noise in the main space.
The family now spends hours looking at the tank and enjoying all the little critters that call the aquarium home.

Point Grey Residence 02
Point Grey Residence 03
Point Grey Residence 01


Located in Vancouver, Canada
Available for Custom Installations World-wide.